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Duration2003/07/06 Landslides caused by torrential rains killed 21 people in central China.
Country or DistrictChina

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
OCHA Reliefweb Situation Report No. 1 2003/07/08
Death 13 people / Evacuated 552,000 people
Collapsed houses 58,000 / Damaged houses 180,000

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  • CNN news 2003/07/10
    Flash floods in western China killed seven people.
  • BBC news 2003/07/12
    Tens of thousands of people are being evacuated from land along the Huai River in eastern China in an attempt to escape rising floodwaters.
  • AFP news 2003/07/11
    Death toll in China floods hits 569
  • OCHA Reliefweb Situarion Report No. 1 2003/07/08
    Since late June, severe rainfall has hit the eastern part of China. The continued and intensive rainfall has led to floods in the region. As of July 8, 13 people have been killed, 552,000 people evacuated, and 1.85 million people in 6,266 villages stranded by floods.
  • Yahoo! asia news 2003/07/06
    Landslides Kill 21 in Central China
  • BBC news 2003/07/01
    Earlier June this month, a government official said that nearly 17 million people had been affected by the floods throughout the country, and 186 had died.
  • CNN news 2003/07/06
    More than 10,000 people were evacuated from areas.
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