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Duration1999/07 As a result of torrential rains on 7-8 July 1999, three districts in Tajikistan have experienced severe flooding and landslides. The districts are: Ashd and Aini in the Leninabad region, and Jirgatal in the Karategin Valley. Of the three, Ashd is the most severely affected with at least two villages reportedly destroyed.
Country or DistrictTajikistan

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
IFRC 1999/07/20
・19 killed
・3 missing

・316 houses destroyed, 412 damaged, 799 lightly damaged
・Total population of destroyed and badly damaged houses: 3,510 people

OCHA Situation Report No. 2 1999/07/15
18 people have been killed, with only 14 bodies retrieved.
10 people are missing and 23 injured.

・316 houses are totally destroyed and 412 damaged and 2,151 people without shelter, of which 413 people need to be resettled.
・624,5 hectares of agricultural corps are damaged.
207 km of roads and 49 bridges, including 20 bridges of republican and regional importance, are destroyed, as well as 58 km of river banks fortifying facilities.
28 km of irrigation systems, 13 km of drainage system, 9,2 km of water pipe and sewerage system are ;
18 km of power transmission lines, 11 transformer sub-stations;
several hospitals, polyclinics, schools, pre-school facilities and cultural sites are destroyed.

IFRC 1999/07/12

11 bridges have been destroyed.
120 kilometres of road damaged.
4 water-pumping stations and 13 electricity installations destroyed.
300 agricultural areas damaged.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (1999/07/09)
At least 35 people have died and up to 30 are missing following a series of mudslides that have devastated villages in northern Tajikistan over the past three days.

OCHA Situation Report No. 1 (1999/07/09)
18 people have been killed, at least 50 are missing and 23 are injured.

167 houses have been destroyed and that an additional 209 are damaged.

AFP NEWS (1999/07/08) -At least 23 killed in Tajikistan flooding
At least 23 people including several children died and around 70 were swept away by raging waters and mudslides in Tajikistan, the Tajik emergencies ministry said Thursday.
Set off by torrential rainfall in the mountains, torrents of water, mud and boulders poured down the hillside completely destroying 150 houses and damaged 200 others, mainly in the northern village of Dulona near the town of Shaidon, according to first reports given by the ministry.

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