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Bangladesh:Cold Wave:2003/01/12

Duration2003/01/12 A three-week cold spell claimed another 115 lives in Bangladesh and India, where near-freezing temperatures were aggravated by chilly winds, raising the total death toll to 761.
Country or DistrictBangladesh
NameCold Wave

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  • CNN News 2003/01/17
    Authorities in India's capital scrambled to shelter the homeless from near-freezing temperatures as the death toll from a four-week cold spell across South Asia rose past 1,300.
  • CNN News 2003/01/16
    Authorities distributed free blankets and dry wood to hundreds of thousands of homeless people as a four-week cold spell claimed more than 1,140 lives in Bangladesh, India and Nepal.
  • CNN News 2003/01/15
    Death toll nears 1,000 in South Asia's cold spell
  • CNN News 2003/01/12
    Death toll tops 700 from South Asian winter
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