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Korea (the Republic of):Flood, landslide:2023/07/09

Duration2023/07/09 Torrential downpours in South Korea from 9 July 2023 have resulted in devastating flooding and landslides, causing the death of over 30 individuals nationwide and leaving nine others missing, according to authorities.
Country or DistrictKorea (the Republic of)
NameFlood, landslide

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Personal Injury Material Damage Others

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  • FloodList 2023/07/09
    Ministry of the Interior and Safety of South Korea reported 37 people have died and 9 are missing after a period of heavy rain from 09 July 2023. Fatalities occurred in Sejong (1), North Chungcheong (13), South Chungcheong (4) and North Gyeongsang (19) Provinces. Eight people are missing in North Gyeongsang Province and one person remains missing in Busan.
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