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Duration2023/07/09 Monsoon rainfall and consequent floods, landslides and severe weather-related incidents continue to hit several parts of India (particularly the northern States), resulting in an increasing number of casualties. 9,572 people have been evacuated and 101,764 affected. In addition, 460 buildings have been partially or fully damaged across 51 Districts of nine states. Over 125 deaths have been reported due to weather-related events in north Indian states in the current phase of flooding reported since 6 July 2023.
Country or DistrictIndia

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Government of India 2023/10/06
Dead: 2,465
Missing: 115
Injured: 1,917
*Total since1 April 2023

Fully destroyed houses: 21,434
Partially collapsed houses: 90,774
*Total since 1 April 2023

Government of India 2023/09/04
Dead: 2,148
Missing: 108
Injured: 1,697
*Total since1 April 2023

Fully destroyed houses: 16,657
Partially collapsed houses: 79,342
*Total since 1 April 2023

Government of India 2023/08/14
Dead: 1,972
Missing: 92
Injured: 1,558
*Total since 1 April 2023

Fully destroyed houses: 14,588
Partially collapsed houses: 73,641
*Total since 1 April 2023

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