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United States of America (the):Flash Flood:2022/07/27

Duration2022/07/27 At least fifteen people have died after flash flooding caused widespread damage across areas of eastern Kentucky, USA, from 27 July 2022. Many people are still unaccounted for and officials fear the death toll could rise further. The governor declared a state of emergency.
Country or DistrictUnited States of America (the)
NameFlash Flood

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Personal Injury Material Damage Others

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  • FloodList 2022/07/29
    Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said on 29 July 2022 that °»the flooding situation in Eastern Kentucky is ongoing, with a flood watch in effect through today. Heartbreakingly, we can confirm at least 15 deaths, but we expect that number to grow. Over 23,000 Kentuckians are without power.°…
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