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South Africa:Flood:2022/04/09

Duration2022/04/09 Since 9 April 2022, floods and landslides triggered by torrential rainfall have been affecting the coastal areas of KwaZulu-Natal Province, eastern South Africa, leading to an increasing number of casualties and damage.
Country or DistrictSouth Africa

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  • IFRC 2022/04/24
    According to national authorities, at least 123,808 people were affected, 448 people died and over 30,000 are displaced, mostly in collective evacuation centres.
  • IFRC 2022/04/19
    As of the 15 April, media reported 395 fatalities with the Kwa Zulu Natal authorities indicating that homes, businesses, roads, bridges as well as electricity and water infrastructure have been damaged or destroyed . An estimated 40,723 people have been affected with more than 16,262 houses and 264 schools destroyed.
  • ECHO 2022/04/14
    The KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Disaster Management (KZN CoGTA) reports that at least 306 people have died.
  • BBC 2022/04/13
    The death toll in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal has reached more than 250, after devastating floods wreaked havoc in the area.
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