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Duration2021/10/27 Many parts of the main island of Okinawa, southernmost Japan, have been affected by the pumice stones, apparently from the eruption of an undersea volcano from the Ogasawara Islands, located some 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo.
Country or DistrictJapan

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  • The Guardian 2021/10/30
    The pumice had so far affected 11 ports on Okinawa and 19 others in the Kagoshima prefecture. About 40 fishing boats have been damaged, including six that were unable to move, and ferry services connecting remote islands in Okinawa and Kagoshima have been temporarily suspended.
  • The Japan Times 2021/10/27
    A large amount of pumice stones drifted ashore at Uchihana port on a northern Okinawa island, preventing ships from entering or leaving there.
    The stones have also affected fishing operations at several ports in Okinawa.
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  • JAXA 2021/10/29