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Duration2021/10/18 Heavy rain has been affecting the Himalayan State of Uttarakhand, northern India, triggering several landslides and causing flash floods that have resulted in casualties and severe damage. The National Emergency Response Centre (NDMI) reports, as of 19 October 2021, 27 fatalities, due to several landslides occurred on 18-19 October 2021 in 13 Districts across central-northern Uttarakhand.
Country or DistrictIndia

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Personal Injury Material Damage Others

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  • ECHO 2021/10/21
    In Uttarakhand, the National Emergency Response Centre (NDMI) reports, as of 20 October, 52 fatalities.
  • ECHO 2021/10/20
    NDMI also reports eight people still missing, eight injuries, 645 evacuated people, a number of damaged houses and several blocked roads across the affected Districts.
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  • ECHO 2021/10/22
    India (Uttarakhand), Nepal, Recent landslides as of 22/10/2021
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