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Sri Lanka:Flood:2021/05/13

Duration2021/05/13 Heavy rain caused flooding and landslides in Western, Central and Southern Provinces of Sri Lanka, resulting in casualties. More than 170 thousand people were affected.
Country or DistrictSri Lanka

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
DMC Sri Lanka 2021/06/09
Death: 20
Injured: 5
Affected: 176,419 persons/44,946 families

Fully Damaged Houses: 20
Partially Damaged Houses: 1,083

DMC Sri Lanka 2021/05/27
Death: 1
Injured: 4
Missing: 0
Affected: 36529 person/10466 families

Fully Damaged Houses: 6
Partially Damaged Houses: 796

DMC Sri Lanka 2021/05/26
Death: 0
Injured: 3
Missing: 1
Affected: 30787 person/9096 families

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    Situation Report - Sri Lanka 8 June 2021 at 1800 hrs
  • ECHO 2021/06/09
    According to the Disaster Management Centre (DMC), 20 people have died and five individuals remain injured. The number of total affected people stands at 176,419 and up to 7,989 individuals have been displaced to either evacuation centres or houses of relatives across ten Districts of Sri Lanka. Damage has been reported to more than 1,100 buildings.
  • ECHO 2021/06/07
    Heavy rain and strong winds have been affecting parts of western Sri Lanka since 3 June, causing floods and landslides, which have resulted in casualties. According to the Disaster Management Centre (DMC), 17 people have died, five have been injured and two others are missing.
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    Situation Report - Sri Lanka 27th May 2021 at 1800 hrs
  • DMC Sri Lanka 2021/05/26
    Situation Report - Sri Lanka 26th May 2021 at 1800 hrs
  • ECHO 2021/05/17
    At least 44,153 people have been affected, while up to 618 houses have been partially damaged.
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    Extreme rainfall, flooding, mudslides in Sri Lanka - Satellite Imagery: 15 Mar (Pre) and 07 Jun 2021 (Post) | Published: 8 Jun 2021
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