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Afghanistan:Flash Flood:2020/08/26

Duration2020/08/26 A violent flash flood killed more than 70 people and destroyed hundreds of homes just north of Kabul, Afghanistan on 26 August 2020.
Country or DistrictAfghanistan
NameFlash Flood

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Personal Injury Material Damage Others

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  • IOM 2020/08/29
    Initial information indicated 2,049 families affected, over 145 killed and another 167 sustained injuries in 11 provinces, agricultural land and public infrastructure impacted following flash flood on 26th August 2020.
  • OCHA 2020/08/26
    Unconfirmed reports suggest approximately 100 people have died and 100 people have been injured. Approximately 500 houses have been damaged and 300-400 families have been displaced
  • Reuters 2020/08/26
    The floods swept through Parwan province, which borders Kabul, in the early hours of the morning, washing away men, women and children and destroying 300 homes, according to Ministry of Disaster Management spokesman Tamim Azimi.
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