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United States of America (the):Wild Fire:2020/08/18

Duration2020/08/18 California has been hit by its worst lightning storms in nearly two decades. Around 11,000 strikes ignited over 370 fires this week.
Country or DistrictUnited States of America (the)
NameWild Fire

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  • CNN 2020/09/13
    28 people have been killed and dozens more are missing as fires ravage the West Coast.
  • CNN 2020/09/10
    Hundreds of homes in Oregon are gone as growing wildfires.
  • CNN 2020/08/22
    The wildfires tormenting California have killed at least four people. More than 560 fires have torched at least 771,000 acres, an area larger than Rhode Island.
  • Reuters 2020/08/21
    South of San Francisco, a cluster of lightning-strike fires doubled in size to 40,000 acres (16,187 hectares) in San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties, injuring three first responders, forcing 22,000 to evacuate and destroying 20 structures, wildfire authority CalFire reported.
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