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Duration2020/07/02 Heavy rain has been affecting north Myanmar (in particular the Kachin State) over the last 48 hours, triggering a major landslide that has resulted in casualties and damage.Media report, as of 2 July 2020, over 100 fatalities at a mine site located in the Hpakant Township (western Kachin). Search and rescue operations are currently underway at the site.
Country or DistrictMyanmar

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  • IFRC 2020/07/27
    A total of 4,000 households of 20,000 people in Mandalay, Myanmar are affected by the rapid onset flood that was caused by a broken geological sedimentary dike on 19 July 2020.
  • CNN 2020/07/03
    At least 162 people have died and others are feared trapped after a landslide at a jade mine in Kachin State located in the northern Myanmar according to officials.
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