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Duration2018/09/28 Sets of earthquakes have struck off Donggala Region, province of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia from 14:00 West Indonesia local time with the strongest magnitude of 7.4 at 17:02, on Friday, 28 September 2018. Hundreds were killed by the earthquakes and subsequent tsunami.
Country or DistrictIndonesia

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
AHA Centre 2018/10/26
Fatalities: 2,081
Missing: 1,309
Major injuries: 4,438
Displaced: 206,494

Houses damaged: 68,451

AHA Centre 2018/10/19
Fatalities: 2,105
Missing: 680
Major injuries: 4,612
Displaced: 222,986

Houses damaged: 68,451

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  • AHA Centre 2018/10/26
    AHA Centre Situation Update No. 15 - FINAL
  • AHA Centre 2018/10/19
    AHA Centre Situation Update No. 13
  • ECHO 2018/10/09
    As of 7 October, the official death toll stands at 1,948 people, 10,679 are reported to be injured, 835 are missing, and there are over 74,444 internally displaced.
  • AHA Centre 2018/10/04
    As at 4 October, 1300 hrs local time, BNPB confirmed 1,424 fatalities with over 2,549 injuries, 113 missing persons
  • ECHO 2018/09/30
    The earthquake triggered a medium tsunami waves up to 6 meters that hit the northern parts of Sulawesi Island. Indonesia\'s disaster management agency (BNPB) reported that at least 832 people have been killed, with the number expected to rise
  • IFRC 2018/09/29
    Initial report from national disaster management agency’s (BNPB) indicates that 384 people died.
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