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United States of America (the):Wild Fire:2018/07/30

Duration2018/07/30 A total of 95,368 acres of land were burned due to the wildfire in Shasta County, California where approximately 39,000 people were under mandatory evacuation. A total of six fatalities were reported.
Country or DistrictUnited States of America (the)
NameWild Fire

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  • BBC 2018/08/10
    The Mendocino Complex fire has already engulfed 290,692 acres (117,639 hectares).
  • Reuters 2018/08/05
    A massive, out-of-control Northern California wildfire that destroyed 68 homes and forced thousands to flee has become the fifth largest in state history.
  • PAHO 2018/07/30
    A total of six fatalities were reported.
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