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United States of America (the):Wild Fire:2017/10/08

Duration2017/10/08 Wildfires killed more than 15, destroying 1,500 homes and other buildings in California, the United States.
Country or DistrictUnited States of America (the)
NameWild Fire

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Personal Injury Material Damage Others

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  • Reuters 2017/10/11
    At least 41 people have been confirmed dead in the week of fires. With 88 people still unaccounted for in Sonoma County alone
  • Reuters 2017/10/08
    The flames from 17 major blazes have blackened more than 115,000 acres (46,500 hectares) since fires broke out on Sunday, 8 October, amid hot, dry conditions and high winds. About 150 people were missing.
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