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Russian Federation (the):Flood:2017/05/10

Duration2017/05/10 Between 10 and 15 May 2017, the destruction of the dam in the district of Ishim (Tyumen region) and water spills across the Ishim river caused massive flooding throughout Tyumen region of Russia. The total number of affected families in Ishim district is to date 1,045.
Country or DistrictRussian Federation (the)

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  • IFRC 2017/06/12
    On 23-24 May 2017, heavy flooding occurred in two additional regions – Omsk and Stavropol Kray – in Russia, following earlier floods in Tyumen region. As a result, the total number of affected people in the three regions of Omsk, Stavropol Kray and Tyumen has grown from 1,600 to 15,721 people (including 1,479 children and 668 elderly).
  • IFRC 2017/05/23
    More than 130 houses are waterlogged and damaged and 41 houses fully destroyed in Ishim district.
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