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Duration2017/06/04 Floods and landslides caused by heavy rainfall have hit throughout Indonesia. More than 2,700 were affected in Gorontalo district.
Country or DistrictIndonesia

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  • ASEAN 2017/06/04
    Heavy rain battered and triggered flooding in Padang City, West Sumatra Province. 285 people were evacuated due to the flood.
  • Government of Indoensia 2017/06/04
    Heavy rain with high intensity and lasting in a long period accompanied with critical condition of watersheds have caused flooding in several places in Sulawesi region. One person was killed and three went missing. Thousands of houses were inundated. It is estimated that around 56,000 households are affected by flood.
  • Government of Indonesia 2017/06/03
    Flood inundated thousands of houses in Gorontalo Regency. Heavy rain that lasted long enough caused rivers overflowing. As many as 484 houses (644 families) or 2.474 people are affected by the flood. Public facilities such as schools, mosques, clinics, and offices are inundated.
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