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Indonesia:Storm Surge:2016/10/21

Duration2016/10/21 Following days of torrential rainfall and high tides, at least 1,000 houses were flooded in coastal areas of Palopo City, South Sulawesi province, Indonesia on 21 and 22 October 2016, affecting about 3,000 people.
Country or DistrictIndonesia
NameStorm Surge

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  • ECHO 2016/10/27
    Heavy rain is affecting several areas of the country causing floods and landslides. According to official reports, as of 27 October, 1,500 houses have been damaged in Gorontalo. Local media also reported that 11 people have been killed in Merangin district (Jambi province, Sumatra island).
  • ECHO 2016/10/26
    Heavy rain has been affecting the central and western areas of the country over the past few days causing floods. Approx. 189 mm of rain in 24 h were recorded in Paotere city (South Sulawesi province) over 24-25 October.¡¡According to official reports, as of 26 October early morning (UTC), one person has been killed in Bandung city (West Java province) and over 1,100 houses have been damaged in the provinces of West Java and South Sulawesi.
  • UNOCHA 2016/10/24
    Flood waters also damaged around 250 hectares of rice fields and farm land.
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