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Philippines (the):Drought:2016/06/07

Duration2016/06/07 On 7 June 2016, the Province of Davao del Norte, in Mindanao of Philippines, declared a state of calamity due to El Nino-induced drought. Some areas in the Philippines has experienced dry situation since the end of 2015, and drought and dry spell out have intensified in 47 provinces.
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  • NDRRMC El Nino Advisory No. 16 (2016/06/14)
    Drought and dry spell outlook for the month show that thirteen provinces will likely experience dry spell and five provinces may experience drought.
  • El Nino Advisory No. 16 (8 June 2016)
    Advisory by PAGASA on the weather condition related to the El Nino.
  • OCHA 2016/06/13
    An estimated 57,240 families (229,000 people) are affected. Agricultural damage in the province is estimated at US$19.2 million. A total of 17 provinces across the Philippines remain under a state of calamity.
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