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Duration2016/06/02 Indonesian earthquake causes injuries, damages buildings
Country or DistrictIndonesia

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  • Association of Southeast Asian Nations 2016/06/04
    Subsequent assessment showed that 856 houses were damaged in Pesisir Selatan District, and 56 in Mukomuko District. 16 people were injured in West Sumatra Province. The same number of people were injured in Bengkulu Province.
  • AFP 2016/06/01
    A powerful earthquake off Indonesia\'s Sumatra island on Thursday sent panicked people fleeing for higher ground and left eight people injured and scores of buildings damaged.The 6.5-magnitude quake hit around dawn, waking up residents of the major port city Padang on Sumatra\'s west coast and sending them running from their homes.
    No tsunami warning was issued after the tremor, which struck around 140 kilometres (90 miles) from Padang, according to the US Geological Survey.
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