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Duration2016/03/08 Heavy rains and the overflowing of Citarum River caused widespread flooding in Bandung, West Java.
Country or DistrictIndonesia

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Personal Injury Material Damage Others

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  • DOMPET DHUAFA 2016/03/18
    Indonesia – Flooding in Bandung District, Situation Report #3, Period 18 March 2016
  • DOMPET DHUAFA 2016/03/16
    2 People Died and 3 people missing, 3,000 people displaced. A total of 5,900 families / 24,000 inhabitants affected by the floods.
    March 15, 2016, flood condition in Bandung regency slowly began to recede. Weather in the area of Bandung regency looks bright.
  • Association of Southeast Asian Nations 2016/03/13
    Considered the worst over the past 10 years, flood heights reached up to 3.3m. The floods displaced more than 3,000 people and affected a total of 24,000 people.
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