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Duration2015/10/01 Over hundred people were killed when massive mudslides buried scores of homes on the outskirts of Guatemala's capital city on 1 October.
Country or DistrictGuatemala

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Personal Injury Material Damage Others

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  • Reuters 2015/10/06
    At least 161 people were killed in Thursday\'s disaster just outside Guatemala City, government officials said on Monday evening, 5 October and emergency services chief Alejandro Maldonado said at least 300 people were still unaccounted for.
  • AFP 2015/10/05
    At least 131 people were killed in mudslides that smashed into a village outside Guatemala City, officials said Sunday, 4 October 2015.
  • ECHO 2015/10/04
    On Saturday 3 October 2015, the figure of number of dead reached 62 while some 350-400 people remained unaccounted for. About 125 houses were washed away and remain buried under around 20 metres of sand and stone.
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