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Philippines (the):Typhoon:2001/07/04

Duration2001/07/04 Typhoon Utor has killed at least 163people, injured 180 people and left 60 others missing in the Philippines.
Country or DistrictPhilippines (the)

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  • ABS-CBN News report 201/07/09
    Feria(Utor) leaves over P1-B damage
  • CNN neas 2001/07/08
    The toll in the Philippines was still being counted and was still rising: 121 dead and 44 still missing, according to local civil defense as reported by The Associated Press.

  • OCHA Situation Report No. 1 2001/07/06
    After Typhoon Utor has left casualties and damage in the Philippines it was downgraded to a tropical storm and made landfall in southern China.
  • MSN News 2001/07/08
    (Japanese Page)
  • BBC News 2001/07/08
    The death toll from Typhoon Utor's rampage through the Philippines has risen to 121 with 130 injured and 44 people missing, civil defence officials said on Sunday.
  • BBC News 2001/07/06
    There was flooding in coastal areas, and 250 houses were reported to have been blown down in the city of Huidong in Hongkong.
  • The Tipei Times 2001/07/06
    After battering the Philippines and then skirting Taiwan, Typhoon Utor, now stronger than ever, is set to slam into the coast of China
    Typhoon Utor bore down on Hong Kong and the populous southern China coast last night after ripping through the northern Philippines and Taiwan, killing at least 55 people and leaving over 30 missing in landslides and floods.
  • CNN news 2001/07/06
    Storms drench and kill across Asia.

  • BBC News 2001/07/04
    Taiwan is gearing up for the full impact of a typhoon that has killed at least 15 people in the Philippines and left eight others missing.
  • CNN News 2001/07/04
    Taiwan is issuing warnings of heavy rains and strong winds as Typhoon Utor approaches the island leaving behind a trail of death and devastation in the Philippines.
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