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Duration2015/08/04 The flood situation continues to worsen in India.
Flood waters in West Bengal, Gujarat and Rajasthan have claimed nearly 178.
Country or DistrictIndia

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Government of India 2015/09/28
Dead: 852
Affected: 17,775,534

Damaged House: 794,869
Cropped Area Affected: 1,001,424ha
Government of India 2015/09/08
Affected: 15 lakh and 88 thousand people in 21 districts

Government of India 2015/08/24
Dead: 499
Affected: 15,405,536

Damaged House: 779,712
Cropped Area Affected: 139,622 ha
ECHO 2015/08/20
Affected: 200,000 people

International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies 2015/08/06
Dead: more than 200 people
Affected: more than 10 million
(West Bengal)

ECHO 2015/08/06
Over 500,000 people

Government of IndiaĦĦ2015/08/04
(West Bengal, Gujarat, Rajasthan)

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  • Government of India 2015/09/28
    Southwest Monsoon-2015: Daily Monsoon/ Flood Situation Report 2015/09/28
  • Government of India 2015/09/08
    In Assam, the overall flood situation has worsened.
  • Government of India 2015/08/24
    Southwest Monsoon-2015: Daily Monsoon/ Flood Situation Report 2015/08/24
  • ECHO 2015/08/20
    Heavy rainfall triggered floods in Assam, affecting approximately 200,000 people.
  • International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies 2015/08/06
    In West Bengal, wide-spread floods, caused by heavy rains that followed Tropical Cyclone Komen (which brought disaster to Myanmar and Bangladesh too), affected 12 districts. More than 16,000 villages are marooned. More than 620,000 people in West Bengal are affected, with 85 deaths due to lightning strikes, wall collapses, electrocution, drowning and snakebites.
  • ECHO 2015/08/06
    India - Floods (ECHO Daily Flash of 6 August 2015)
    Incessant rain over the past few days has caused a severe flood situation in Manipur. The flood, said to be the worst in 200 years, has caused widespread damage to communities, infrastructure and properties.
  • Government of IndiaĦĦ2015/08/04
    Dead: 178
    (West Bengal, Gujarat, Rajasthan)
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