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Bangladesh:Tropical Cyclone:2015/07/29

Duration2015/07/29 Cyclone Komen made landfall along the coast of south-eastern Bangladesh between Hatiya and Sandwip islands late Thursday afternoon, 29 July 2015 weakening as it moved slightly towards the northeast. 60,000 people were evacuated from coastal villages following concerns over high waves.
Country or DistrictBangladesh
NameTropical Cyclone

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  • ECHO 2015/08/05
    Tropical Cyclone Komen left more than 320,000 displaced in cyclone shelters in Cox\'s Bazar and Chittagong, while the secondary effect of Komen was again heavy rainfall, causing additional landslides and flooding, that were not limited to the three previously affected districts, but extended to all the coastal regions. According to the Joint Needs Assessment, as a result of the first two periods of heavy rain, more than 1.8 million people were affected, out of which 73% (1,325,000 people or 265,000 households) are in need of humanitarian assistance.
  • ECHO 2015/08/01
    As of 31 July there have been reported four deaths in Cox\'s Bazaar, one in Noakhali and one in Patuakhali, also 270,000 people have been sheltered in Cox\'s Bazaar, over 53,000 in Chittagong and 8,000 in Noakhali.
  • IFRC 2015/07/31
    Cyclone Komen has destroyed dozens of homes on Bangladesh’s southernmost point of Saint Martins island.
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