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Duration2015/07/19 Torrential rains have triggered flooding in Kachin State and Sagaing Region, Myanmar. Some 57,000 people were affected in Sagaing with 2,000 people affected in Kachin.
Country or DistrictMyanmar

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Government of Myanmar 2015/09/02
Killed people:122
Affected people:1,616,761

Damaged houses: 476,242

Government of Myanmar 2015/08/24
Killed people:117
Affected people:1,615,000

Totally destroyed houses:17,832

Government of Myanmar 2015/08/17
Killed people: 110
Affected people: 1,615,071
Displaced households : 333,178

Totally destroyed houses: 16,095
Inundated farm land: 1,421,886 acres
Damaged farm land: 910,337 acres

UNOCHA 2015/08/14
Killed people: 106
Affected people: 1,350,000
Displaced households : 297,000

Damaged farm land: 773,000 acres

Government of Myanmar 2015/08/10
Killed people: 99
Affected people: 1,916,017
Displaced households : 211,709

Totally destroyed houses: 15,199
Inundated farm land: 1.29 million acres
Damaged farm land: 687,200 acres

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  • Government of Myanmar 2015/09/02
    Situation Report No.4 - National Natural Disaster Management Committee, 2 September 2015
  • Democratic Voice of Burma 2015/09/01

    he village of Tuikhingzang in Tonzang Township, Chin State, was struck by mudslides at about 3am on Friday.

    Ngun Lal, a Chin resident in Kale, Sagaing Division, who went to the scene at dawn, said, “The village has been completely under thick mud, and it has got to be abandoned.”

    Ngun Lal said that the mudslides had taken place gradually and that residents had managed to run away from the incident although it had been at night.
  • Irrawaddy 2015/09/01
    Heavy rain over the past few days has inundated parts of Kachin State, including in the jade-rich region of Hpakant, as well as Mogaung and Mohnyin townships, with water levels rising several feet high and flooding homes since Saturday evening.
  • Government of Myanmar 2015/08/24
    Situation Report No.3 - National Natural Disaster Management Committee, 24 August 2015
  • Government of Myanmar 2015/08/17
    Situation Report No.2 - National Natural Disaster Management Committee, 17 August 2015
  • UNOCHA 2015/08/14
    Myanmar: Floods Emergency - Situation Report No. 4 (as of 14 August 2015)
  • Government of Myanmar 2015/08/10
    Situation Report No.1 - National Natural Disaster Management Committee, Monday, 10 August 2015
  • BBC 2015/08/10
    Nearly one million people have now been affected by widespread flooding across Myanmar since June, officials say. The government says up to 100 people have died and 1.2 million acres of rice fields have been destroyed.
  • UNOCHA 2015/08/06
    According to the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, as of 6 August more than 330,000 people have been affected, 88 people have died, and more than 217,000 acres of farmland have been destroyed.
  • UNOCHA 2015/08/05
    As of 4 August, the Relief and Resettlement Department (RRD) reports that 69 people have been killed and over 259,000 people, including 88,000 children, have been affected across 12 of 14 states and regions of the country since the onset of the rains in June. T
  • AFP 2015/08/03
    Rescue workers in Myanmar raced on Monday to help tens of thousands of people in remote areas enduring roof-top high floods, as the death toll climbed to at least 46.
    Relentless monsoon rains have triggered flash floods and landslides, destroying thousands of houses, farmland, bridges and roads -- with fast-flowing waters hampering relief efforts.
    Hundreds have also perished in recent days in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam following floods and landslides triggered by heavy seasonal rains.
    In Myanmar, \"46 people have died and more than 200,000 have been affected by the floods across the country\", an official at the Relief and Resettlement Department told AFP.
  • AFP 2015/08/02
    The toll from flash floods and landslides in Myanmar caused by days of torrential rain is likely to rise, the UN warned Sunday, as monsoon downpours heaped misery on thousands across the region.
    At least 27 people have been killed and more than 150,000 affected by flooding in Myanmar in recent days, with the government declaring the four worst-hit areas in central and western Myanmar \"national disaster-affected regions\".
    Scores have also perished in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam following floods and landslides triggered by heavy seasonal rains.
  • New Light of Myanmar 2015/08/01
    Landslides triggered by torrential rain continued to cause severe damage Saturday in western Myanmar’s Chin State, leaving major roads and more than 60 homes destroyed in the capital Haka, which has been left cut off from surrounding areas.
  • New Light of Myanmar 2015/08/03
    Weeks of heavy rain has caused rivers and creeks to swell in Sagaing Region, flooding some townships in the upper reach of the Chindwin river.
    It has been pouring with rain in the region since 22 July, prompting local authorities to open 11 relief camps in flooded areas to provide emergency aid including healthcare services to thousands of victims.
  • Irrawaddy 2015/07/27
    Burma’s flood-ravaged northern regions are bracing for another deluge, after the Department of Meteorology warned of possible heavy rains due to a storm in the Bay of Bengal.
    “Within 24 hours, the upper Sagaing region, Pegu, Rangoon and Irrawaddy divisions, and Shan, Chin, Arakan, Mon and Karen states will receive heavy rain for about three days,” the department said. “Locals living in mountainous and low-lying areas should beware of possible landslides and sudden rises in the water levels of rivers and streams.”
  • AFP 2015/07/26
    Floods triggered by torrential monsoon rains have killed at least 10 people in Myanmar in the last 48 hours, state media and officials reported July 26.
    Myanmar is struck by annual monsoon rains that are a lifeline for farmers but can also prove deadly, with landslides and flash floods a common occurrence.
  • AHA Centre 2015/07/22
    The Relief and Resettlement Department (RRD) reported 57,101 people were affected in Sagaing with 2,116 people affected in Kachin. Additionally, two officers and five residents were also reportedly died during search and rescue operation.
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