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Duration2015/05/18-21 Six people remain missing after a rescue boat capsized in a flood in east China's Jiangxi Province, local authorities confirmed 20 May 2015.
Xiahe and Gucun villages in Ganzhou, Jiangxi were hit by floods after torrential rains on 18 May. A boat carrying five rescuers and eight evacuated villagers overturned in the evening of 19 May. All 13 fell into the water. Four of them later made it to shore, while the other nine went missing.
As of 20 May morning, rescuers found three of the missing, and are still searching for the whereabouts of the other six.
Country or DistrictChina

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Xinhua 2015/05/21
Dead : 8 people
Missing : 3 people
Affected : 969,000 people

Damaged house: 8,836

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  • Xinhua 2015/05/28
    A landslide killed four people in east China\'s Jiangxi Province as downpours continued to drench the region on Wednesday, 27 May.
    The landslide which struck Hukeng Township in Anfu County in central Jiangxi, destroyed many buildings, according to the provincial flood control headquarters on 28 May.
    Downpours from May 18 to 23 left 11 people dead and four others missing in the province.
    In southwest China\'s Guizhou Province, at least two people were killed and more than 30,000 evacuated or relocated following heavy rain that lasted on 26 and 17 May. Power and water supplies were cut in parts of Leishan County. Guizhou meteorological bureau forcast another bout downpours from 28 night to 28 May and issued a warning against cave-ins and landslides.
    As of May 22, torrential rain across southern China has left 35 people dead and 13 missing.
  • Xinhua 2015/05/21
    As of Thursday morning, 21 May, heavy rain and flooding have affected a total of 969,000 people and damaged about 8,836 houses in Jiangxi, leaving 8 people dead and 3 missing, according to the local government.
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