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Duration2001/06/25 Typhoon batters China

Atleast 71 people were killed and 83 people are missing in a typhoon that pounded the southeastern coastal city of Fuzhou over the weekend.
The storm also killed at least nine people in Taiwan.
Country or DistrictChina

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
China - Typhoon 28 June 2001
Affected population: 2,895,000
(total 4.1 million in 21 cities/counties)
Evacuated: 213,000

Houses collapsed or damaged: 181,000

Crops affected: 121,000 hectares
harvest:59,000 hectares will be reduced
crops:16,200 hectares have been completely lost

Water and electricity supplies were cut off in some counties and cities.

Direct economic losses: CNY 3,910 million (USD 473 million) (including loss for aquatic business amounting to CNY 2,060 million (USD 249 million) and for water conservation projects amounting to CNY 430 million (USD 52 million)).

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    Since Saturday when Chebi landed in neighboring Fujian Province, the rainfall has exceeded 100 millimeters in about 21 counties and cities in Guangdong Province.

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    Typhoon Chebi hit southeastern China over the last weekend left 54 killed and 71missing.
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    State media in China say at least 71 people were killed in a typhoon that pounded the southeastern coastal city of Fuzhou over the weekend.

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