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Duration2015/03/24 The Atacama region of Chile, home to the world's driest desert, and the neighboring city of Antofagasta were deluged by heavy rains on 24 March 2015 that swept away thousands of homes, leaving thick layers of muck and tens of thousands of devastated residents in their wake.
Country or DistrictChile

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  • UNOCHA 2015/04/14
    The following estimated numbers highlight the current humanitarian situation in Northern Chile as of 12 April.
    164,140 People affected; 29,739 People lost their homes; 26 People killed; 85 People missing; 8,325 Houses uninhabitable or destroyed
  • Government of Chile 2015/04/14
    The authority has reported 27 people dead, 80 people missing, and 29,739 people affected due to the emergency in the north.
  • AFP 2015/04/06
    The death toll from flash floods that devastated normally arid north of Chile has risen to 26 and could increase further, with another 120 people still missing, officials said.
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