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Sri Lanka:Landslide:2014/10/29

Duration2014/10/29 At least 150 people are missing and three people are dead following a landslide occurred on 29 October 2014 in central Sri Lanka, disaster officials say. The landslide, which came after heavy monsoon rains, engulfed dozens of houses in Badulla district, officials said.
Country or DistrictSri Lanka

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  • AFP 2014/11/01
    Sri Lanka cuts mudslide dead and missing toll to 38
  • Government of Sri Lanka 2014/10/30
    According to DMC sources at least 120 line houses have been destroyed and members of more than 150 families totalling about 500 who were living in that area are believed to be trapped.
  • AFP 2014/10/29
    A landslide in Sri Lanka is feared to have buried alive 100 people on a tea plantation.
  • BBC News 2014/10/29
    Sri Lanka landslide: Three dead and 150 missing
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