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Duration2014/09 Heavy monsoon rains lashed parts of eastern Pakistans Punjab province and northeast Kashmir area, killing at least 40 people until 4 September 2014.
Country or DistrictPakistan

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Government of Pakistan 2014/10/09
Deaths: 367
Injured: 673
Affected: 2.412 million

Houses damaged: 107,102

Government of Pakistan 2014/09/25
Deaths: 359
Injured: 644
Affected: 1,784,847

Houses damaged: 56,612

Government of Pakistan 2014/09/14
Deaths: 289
Injured: 507
Affected: 2,459,708

House Damaged (Fully): 4,658
House Damaged (Partially): 34,580

Government of Pakistan 2014/09/10
Deaths: 257
Injured: 464

House Damaged (Fully): 2,881
House Damaged (Partially): 9,517

Government of Pakistan 2014/09/09
Deaths: 231
Injured: 401

House Damaged (Fully): 2,399
House Damaged (Partially): 5,399

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