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Duration2014/07/30 Heavy rain triggered a landslide in rural western India that killed at least ten people and trapped up to 150 more after thick mud came crashing down on thatch huts and brick houses on 30 July 2014.
Country or DistrictIndia

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  • AFP 2014/08/07
    India calls off landslide rescue after 151 bodies found
  • Times of India 2014/08/05
    With the recovery of six more bodies, the death toll in Malin village landslide disaster has gone up to 136.
  • CNN 2014/08/03
    90 people have been confirmed dead and up to 65 people remain missing so far after landslides last week in a western Indian village.
  • Times of India 2014/08/01
    Till now, 63 people including 25 men, 28 women and 10 children have been killed in the landslide.
  • 2014/07/31
    At least 30 deaths are confirmed. Up to 40 houses may have been hit by landslides, official say.
  • Reuters 2014/07/30
    At least 30 brick houses and thatch huts were badly damaged in the village in the Ambegaon sub-distric
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