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Philippines (the):Flood:2014/06/13

Duration2014/06/13 On 13 June 2014, a flooding incident occurred in Maguindanao Province due to persistent rainshowers and thunderstorms. More than 85,000 people have been affected by the flooding.
Country or DistrictPhilippines (the)

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  • Government of the Philippines 2014/07/03
    As of 3 July 2014, a total of 19,837 families/99,185 persons from 132 barangays have been affected by the flooding in 17 municipalities of Maguindanao Province.
  • OCHA 2014/06/29
    In Maguindanao province, 17,063 families (85,315 people) have been affected across 16 municipalities according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction
    and Management Council as of 26 June 2014.
  • Government of the Philippines 2014/06/24
    As of 24 June 2014, a total of 16,008 families/ 80,040 persons from 91 brangays have been affected by the flooding.
  • Government of the Philippines 2014/06/23
    As of 23 June 2014. a total of 14,490 families / 72,450 persons from 91 barangays have been affected by the flooding.
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