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Duration2014/05/15 The heaviest rains and floods in 120 years have hit Bosnia and Serbia and some 20,000 people have been evacuated in Serbia.
Country or DistrictSerbia

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  • UNICEF 2014/05/30
    According to the official reports, there were 33 fatalities, over 32,000 people displaced, 1.6million people affected, and 773 are still missing.
  • IFRC 2014/05/27
    Facts and figures
    33 casualties
    2,260 flooded houses
    1,673 houses demolished
  • OCHA 2014/05/24
    The official death toll has risen to 27. The official number of evacuees currently stands at 31,879 people. The total number of affected population is at 1.6 Million. 
  • ECHO 2014/05/19
    In Serbia, over 24,000 people have been evacuated so far from the affected areas.
  • Reuters 2014/05/18
    The death toll in Serbia so far was five, with one person missing. The toll was expected to rise.
  • AFP 2014/05/15
    Three people have drowned in Serbia and more than 3,000 evacuated following flooding caused by torrential rain that prompted authorities to declare a state of emergency, officials said on 15 May 2014.
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