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United States of America (the):Tornado:2014/04/27

Duration2014/04/27 A violent weather system lashed the Midwest and South with tornadoes on Sunday, killing at least nine people.
Country or DistrictUnited States of America (the)

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  • Reuters 2014/04/29
    At least 34 people across six states were killed in tornadoes unleashed by a ferocious storm system that razed neighborhoods and threatened more destruction in heavily populated parts of the U.S. South on Tuesday.
  • CNN 2014/04/28
    A brutal band of severe weather battered the central Plains and mid-South late Sunday, killing at least 12 people in Arkansas and one in Oklahoma.
  • New York Times 2014/04/27
    String of Deadly Storms Hits Across Midwest and South.
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