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Vanuatu:Tropical Cyclone:2014/03/14

Duration2014/03/14 A man has been killed in Vanuatu as Tropical Cyclone Lusi passes over the Pacific nation. The category two cyclone has also caused flooding and destroyed houses and crops on several islands.
Country or DistrictVanuatu
NameTropical Cyclone

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Personal Injury Material Damage Others

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  • OCHA 2014/03/17
    There are 10 confirmed fatalities and 2 people missing after TC Lusi (Cat 2) affected Vanuatu between 10 and 13 Mar. Six people have serious injuries and an estimated 20,000 people affected to varying degrees across Torba, Sanma, Penama, Malampa and Shefa Province.
  • OCHA 2014/03/11
    Initial reports confirm one fatality in Pentecost and an estimated 40,000 people affected. Many houses have been damaged, particularly traditional structures made of local materials, with an unknown number of people sheltering in evacuation centres.
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  • IFRC 2014/03/18
    Vanuatu: Tropical Cyclone Lusi (as of 18 March 2014)
  • OCHA 2014/03/11
    Vanuatu: Tropical Cyclone Lusi - Forecast and Initial Reports Map - 11 March 2014
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