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Duration2013/09/29 A total of 74 people have been confirmed missing after three fishing boats have sunk since 29 September afternoon in a typhoon Wutip in South China Sea.
Country or DistrictChina

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  • Xinhua 2013/10/01
    Rescuers on Tuesday saved 14 fishermen, retrieved four bodies and are continuing their search for 58 others missing in the South China Sea after Typhoon Wutip has sunk three fishing boats since Sunday afternoon.
  • Xinhua 2013/09/30
    The boats, all from south China\'s Guangdong Province with 88 fishermen aboard, were lost on Sunday afternoon (29 September) as they attempted to navigate gales near the Xisha Islands, about 330 km from China\'s island province of Hainan.
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