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New Zealand:Earthquake:2013/08/16

Duration2013/08/16 A magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck south of New Zealand's capital on 16 August 2013, sending panicked Wellington workers and residents into the streets, but caused little major damage.
Country or DistrictNew Zealand

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Personal Injury Material Damage Others

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Geographycal Data Information
  • USGS¡¡Earthquake Hazard Program
    Magnitude: 6.5
    Date-Time: 2013-08-16 02:31:07 UTC
    2013-08-16 14:31:07 UTC+12:00 at epicenter
    Location: 41.767¡ëS 174.061¡ëE
    Depth: 10.0km (6.2mi)
    Region: 29km SSE of Blenheim, New Zealand
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