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Duration2013/08/01 Pakistan's biggest city Karachi was badly affected, with at least 16 killed after days of flooding.
Country or DistrictPakistan

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Government of Pakistan 2013/09/05
Dead: 234
Injured: 1,129
Affected: 1,477,996

Fully damaged houses: 21,133
Partially damaged houses: 55,317

Government of Pakistan 2013/08/27
Dead: 183
Injured: 887
Affected: 1,276,225

Fully damaged houses: 22,240
Partially damaged houses: 31,450

Government of Pakistan 2013/08/21
Dead: 139
Injured: 804
Affected: 931,074

Fully damaged houses: 22,072
Partially damaged houses: 13,262

Government of Pakistan 2013/08/16
Dead: 98
Injured: 101
Affected: 100,209

Fully damaged houses: 2,482
Partially damaged houses: 2,374

Government of Pakistan 2013/08/07
Dead: 84
Injured: 44
Affected: 81,674

Fully damaged houses: 2,533
Partially damaged houses: 1,782

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