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Duration2012/11/07 A 7.4 magnitude quake hit at 10:35 a.m. local time on 7 November 2012 off the coast of Guatemala and killed at least 18 people.
Country or DistrictGuatemala

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  • OCHA 2012/11/19
    More than 10,440 people are living in 88 temporary emergency shelters.
  • IFRC 2012/11/12
    The government estimates that more than 1,200,000 persons were affected and 5,251 left homeless. Currently 50 deaths have been reported, while 24 people are still missing.
  • AFP 2012/11/08
    The earthquake occurred in Guatemala killed 52 people and left thousands spending the cold night outside.
  • AFP 2012/11/08
    Guatemala quake kills 48, leaves 23 missing
  • Reuters AlertNet 2012/11/07
    As many as 100 people were unaccounted for, based on reports from relatives. Landslides were blocking roads in some areas and about 40 houses were severely damaged.
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