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Philippines (the):Typhoon:2012/10/24

Duration2012/10/24 Tropical Storm Son-Tinh (Ofel) has crossed the southern part of Mindoro Island of the Philippines. Five people were killed and nine missing.
Country or DistrictPhilippines (the)

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Government of the Philippines 2012/10/29
Dead: 27
Missing: 9
Injured: 19
Affected: 108,021

Totally damaged houses: 198
Partially damaged houses: 2,327

Government of the Philippines 2012/10/28
Dead: 27
Missing: 9
Injured: 19
Affected: 70,616

Totally damaged houses: 78
Partially damaged houses: 525

Government of the Philippines 2012/10/26
Dead: 5
Missing: 9
Injured: 10
Affected: 10,935

Totally damaged houses: 7
Partially damaged houses: 33

Government of the Philippines 2012/10/25
Dead: 1
Missing: 9
Affected: 957

Partially damaged houses:38

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