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Duration2012/09/30 Powerful Typhoon Jelawat made landfall on Japan's main island on 30 September 2012, killing one man in Okinawa prefecture and injuring over 140 people in eight prefectures.
Country or DistrictJapan

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Cabinet Office 2012/10/05
Killed: 1
Injured: 180

Totally collapsed houses: 48
Halfly collapsed houses: 161
Partially collapsed houses: 1,596
Inundation above floor level: 166
Inundation below floor level: 780
Nonresidential buildings: 513

Cabinet Office 2012/10/02
Killed: 1
Injured: 173

Totally collapsed houses: 24
Halfly collapsed houses: 117
Partially collapsed houses: 1,059
Inundation above floor level: 126
Inundation below floor level: 428
Nonresidential buildings: 307

Cabinet Office 2012/10/01
Killed: 1
Injured: 133

Totally collapsed houses: 13
Halfly collapsed houses: 73
Partially collapsed houses: 654
Inundation above floor level: 53
Inundation below floor level: 360
Nonresidential buildings: 214

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