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Afghanistan:Snow Avalanche:2012/01

Duration2012/01 Heavy snow has caused major avalanches in the northeastern province of Badakhshan in Afghanistan. 28 are reported killed.
Country or DistrictAfghanistan
NameSnow Avalanche

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  • OCHA 2012/03/12
    50 people are reported dead and another 146 believed to be under the snow due to avalanche emergency in Dispay, Shaki District, Badakhshan province, which took place on 4 March 2012.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2012/03/06
    At least 37 people died and hundreds were still trapped in northern Afghanistan on 6 March 2012 when a snow avalanche covered an entire village near the northern border with Tajikistan, local officials said.
    Before 6 March, freezing cold and avalanches had claimed the lives of 60 people in Badakhshan province this winter, officials said
  • OCHA 2012/01/23
    Cumulatively 43 people have died and 65 injured as a result of avalanche and extreme cold temperatures.
  • OCHA 2012/01/19
    Provincial Disaster Management Committee reported that 28 are reported killed and 36 injured as a result of the avalanches in the vicinity of ten districts north of Fayzabad.
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  • OCHA 2012/01/19
    Afghanistan: Districts Affected by Avalanches ‐ Badakhshan Province (as of 19 Jan 2012)
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