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Duration2011/11 Mexico is being battered its worst drought in seven decades, which has devastated farm life.
Country or DistrictMexico

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  • OCHA 2011/12/12
    Authorities estimate that more than 600,000 families have been affected. Farmers have lost 900,000 hectares of crops, and 1.7 million farm animals died this year from lack of water or pastures.
  • OCHA 2011/11/28
    Drought and lack of potable water is affecting at least 1,500 communities in five states。
  • Reuters 2011/11/25
    Crops that cover tens of thousands of acres have been lost this year and roughly 450,000 cattle have died in arid pastures. Crucial dams, typically full at this time of year, are at 30 to 40 percent of capacity.
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