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Duration2011/09/01 A total of 79,000 people were affected by landslides and floods in Colombia. Some 26 deaths are reported for the second raining season.
Country or DistrictColombia

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  • OCHA 2012/01/16
    The emergencies caused by the second rainy season (1 September 2011 to 13 January 2012) have left 187 dead and affected 1.2 million people. Events associated with the rains have destroyed 1,450 houses and damaged 149,270 others.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2011/12/22
    Heavy rains and ensuing landslides have killed 170 people in Colombia.
  • OCHA 2011/12/03
    According to the National System for Disasters Prevention and Assistance (SNPAD), 397,000 persons were affected between 1 September and 16 November 2011. In just November, 100,000 people lost their homes and their belongings.
  • OCHA 2011/11/08
    From 1 September until 31 October 2011, rains have affected 281,791 people and caused 62 deaths. In the first week of November, a landslide in Manizales (western Colombia) killed 40 people and affected 35 families
  • OCHA 2011/10/24
    According to the Colombian Red Cross report (24 October), the current rainy season, which began last 1 September, has left 35 dead and affected close to 185,580 people.
  • OCHA 2011/10/18
    In Barranquilla emergencies occur due to rains.
    More than 2,000 houses have been damaged in 30 communities of the South West and South East of the city.
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