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Duration2000/10/06 An earthquake struck Chugoku district face to Japan Sea (Western part of the main land of Japan)in Japan on 6 October 2000 at around 4:30 GMT. The magnitude 7.3 on Richter scale. The detailed information will be issued later.
Country or DistrictJapan

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Tottori Prefecture Damage Report (as of Oct. 12 9:00 A.M.)
People killed 0
People injured 97
People evacuated 421

Houses destroyed 99
Houses half-destroyed 188
Houses damaged 2,743
Public buildings damaged 69
Cultural assets damaged 40
Road ruined 540
River damaged 44
Harbor facilities damaged 88
Erosion control facilities damaged 10
Landslides 125

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    Damage Report
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  • Comment by Prof. Oike (Kyoto Univ.)
    (18:30 MBS TV)
    There is an active fault in this area. Although it is not written down in the map of active faults, there have been several small earthquakes in this ten years, whichcan be considered as the symptom of this earthquake. The active faults in Western Japan has been activate since 80's.
  • Strong Earthquake Hits Western Japan
    The strong Earthquake hit the Tottori Prefecture and its surroundings area with the Magnitude of 7.3. At this time, no big casualties that has been reported, but according to Japanese Government, the possibility of M6 is stil exist.