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Lao People's Democratic Republic (the):Tropical Depression:2011/07/29

Duration2011/07/29 Nock Ten Tropical storm hit 7 provinces in Northern and Central part of Lao PDR on 29-31 July 2011, causing person killed.
Country or DistrictLao People's Democratic Republic (the)
NameTropical Depression

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Personal Injury Material Damage Others

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  • IFRC 2011/08/19
    In the first week of August, Tropical Storm Nock-Ten brought heavy rains, flash flooding and landslides to Lao PDR’s central and northern provinces. At least 165,247 people were affected, with some 21,800 hectares of rice fields damaged.
  • Vientiane Times 2011/08/03
    Water levels in Mekong branches have already reached dangerous levels in eight districts of Khammuan province, following torrential rains in the wake of tropical storm Nock-Ten over the weekend.
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