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Duration2010/12/21 Due to recurrent winter pressure system by cold air mass approaching, Japan has suffered heavy snowfall nationwide since the end of December 2010.
Country or DistrictJapan

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Report of Cabinet Office 2011/02/21
Seriously injured: 588
Slightly injured: 845

[Damage to houses]
Totally collapsed: 8
Halfly collapsed: 11
Partially collapsed: 411
Inundated over floor: 6
Inundated under floor: 62

Report of Cabinet Office 2011/02/14
Seriously injured: 564
Slightly injured: 819

[Damage to houses]
Totally collapsed: 5
Halfly collapsed: 10
Partially collapsed: 342
Inundated over floor: 6
Inundated under floor: 55

Report of Cabinet Office 2011/02/07
Seriously injured: 514
Slightly injured: 759

[Damage to houses]
Totally collapsed: 4
Halfly collapsed: 9
Partially collapsed: 253
Inundated over floor: 6
Inundated under floor: 53

Report of Cabinet Office 2011/02/01
Seriously injured: 389
Slightly injured: 582

[Damage to houses]
Totally collapsed: 1
Halfly collapsed: 4
Partially collapsed: 126
Inundated over floor: 6
Inundated under floor: 51

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