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Duration2011/01/04 In Brazil, 47 municipalities of the state of Minas Gerais are under a state of emergency for strong rains that have fallen over the past week. At least 15 people have died and there is significant damage to infrastructure.
Country or DistrictBrazil

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  • OCHA 2011/01/24
    The death toll from floods that devastated the mountainous region near Rio de Janeiro has reached 806, while 400 people are missing.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2011/01/23
    The death toll from floods and landslides that devastated a mountainous region near Rio de Janeiro has reached 803, state authorities said on Sunday (23 January 2011)
  • Reuters AlertNet 2011/01/19
    At least 207 people are still missing after Brazil\'s worst landslides in decades, authorities said on 19 January, as the death toll from the disaster in a scenic mountain region rose steadily to 727.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2011/01/18
    The death toll from flash floods and mudslides in Rio de Janeiro\'s picturesque Serrana region reached 702 on Tuesday 18 January 2011.
  • VOA news 2011/01/17
    The death toll from devastating flooding and mudslides in Brazil has climbed to at least 665.
  • 2011/01/16
    Death toll rises to nearly 600 in Brazil flooding
  • VOA news 2011/01/13
    Rescue workers in Brazil are struggling to dig through rubble in an effort to find survivors following raging floods and mudslides that have left nearly 400 people dead and hundreds homeless.
  • BBC news 2011/01/13
    More than 250 people have died in towns near Rio de Janeiro as heavy rains continue to cause flooding and mudslides in south-eastern Brazil.
  • CNN. com 2011/01/12
    Heavy rains and flooding in Brazil have been blamed for 171 deaths in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, officials said Wednesday(12 January 2011).
  • OCHA 2011/01/04
    Unofficial sources estimate that close to 1,000 people have lost their homes
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